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List of Best B.ED College in Delhi

List of Best B.ED colleges in New Delhi, All colleges will be under CRSU which are approved by NCTE(National Council of Teacher Education).  WET Institute will help you to direct B.ED admission in top B.ED college.


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1 S.L.D.A.V. College of Education Ambala Govt. Aided
2 Mahabir College of Edu. Ambala
3 Mata Shanti Devi Memorial College of Education for Women Ambala S/F
4 Shivalik College of Education Ambala S/F
5 S.D. Institute of Education for Girls Ambala S/F
6 Tulsi College of Education Ambala S/F
7 M.M. College of Education Ambala S/F
8 P.K.R. Jain College of Education Ambala S/F
9 Shree Ram Mulkh College of Education Ambala
10 Lord Krishna College of Education Ambala S/F
11 Lala Ami Chand Monga Memorial College of Education Ambala S/F
12 Maa Bala Sundri College of Education Ambala S/F
13 Surya College of Education Ambala S/F
14 Shri Saradari lal college of Education Ambala S/F
15 Brahamrishi College of Education Panchkula S/F
16 SRM College of Edu. Panchkula S/F
17 Swami Devi Dayal College of Education Panchkula S/F
18 Shree Sat Guru College of Education Panchkula S/F
19 Aastha College of Education for Women Yamuna Nagar S/F
20 Bala Ji College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
21 Bhagat Singh College of Education for Women Yamuna Nagar S/F
22 Dharam College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
23 Ganpati Institute of Education for Girls Yamuna Nagar S/F
24 Hari Om Shiv Om College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
25 Jai Geetanjali College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
26 Krishana Institute of Education & Technology Yamuna Nagar S/F
27 Raj Rajeshwary College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
28 S.N.Coll. Of Edu. Yamuna Nagar S/F
29 S.P.S. Janta College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
30 Shanti Devi College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
31 Shri Ganesh College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
32 P.R.D. College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
33 Sant Nischal Singh College of Education for Women Yamuna Nagar S/F
34 Devi Lal College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
35 Janki Ji College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
36 Guru Harikishan College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
37 Vishva Bharti College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
38 Swami Vivekanand College of Education Yamuna Nagar
39 Smt. Indira Devi College of Education Yamuna Nagar S/F
40 C.R. College of Education Hisar Govt. Aided
41 Aaksh College of Education Hisar S/F
42 Adarsh Subhash Tayal College of Education Hisar S/F
43 Ambika College of Education Hisar S/F
44 Arya College of Education Hisar S/F
45 City College of Education Hisar S/F
46 Haryana College of B.Ed. Hisar
47 Hindu College of Education Hisar S/F
48 Jai Mata College of Education Hisar S/F
49 Kalpana Chawla College of Education for Women Hisar S/F
50 Kartar Memorial College of Education Hisar S/F
51 Lord Krishana College of Education Hisar S/F
52 Maharaja Agrasen College of Education Hisar S/F
53 Maharishi Arvindo College of Education Hisar S/F
54 Manav Institute of Education Hisar S/F
55 Mata Jiyo Devi College of Education Hisar S/F
56 Navyug College of Education Hisar S/F
57 New Kalpana Chawla College of Education(Co-Edu) Hisar S/F
58 Oxford Girls College of Education Hisar S/F
59 Maharish Dayanand College of Education Litany Hisar S/F
60 Gurudham College of Education Hisar S/F
61 Shanti Niketan College of Education Hisar S/F
62 Singh Ram Memorial College of Education Hisar S/F
63 Sita Ram Arya Memorial College of Education Hisar S/F
64 Vision International College of Education Hisar S/F
65 S.R.M. College of Education Hisar S/F
66 Gaur College of Education Hisar S/F
67 Saraswati College of Education Hisar S/F
68 Shanti Niketan College of Education Hisar
69 Aakash College of Education Jind S/F
70 Adarsh College of Education Jind S/F
71 Arya College of Education Jind S/F
72 Aryavart College of Education Jind S/F
73 Bhai Surender Kumar Memorial College of Education Jind S/F
74 Ch. P.R.M. College of Education Jind S/F
75 Haryana College of Education Jind S/F
76 J.B.M. College of Education Jind S/F
77 Jai Bharat College of Education Jind S/F
78 Kanya Gurukul College of Education Jind S/F
79 Mittaso College of Education Jind S/F
80 Ram Narayan Instt. Of Edu. Jind S/F
81 S.G. College of Education Jind S/F
82 Saraswati College of Education Jind S/F
83 Sidhi Vinayak College of Education Jind S/F
84 Sir Chottu Ram College of Education Jind S/F
85 SRM College of Education Jind S/F
86 Swami Ganesha Nand Sanatan Dharam College of Education Jind S/F
87 Daronacharya College of Education Jind S/F
88 Geeta Arya College of Education Jind S/F
89 Haryana College of Education Jind S/F
90 Satyam College of Education Jind S/F
91 Vardey Devi College of Education Jind S/F
92 Green Valley College of Education Jind S/F
93 Dr. Ganesh Dass DAV College of Education Karnal Govt. Aided
94 Arya Kanya Gurukul College of Education Karnal S/F
95 BRM College of Education Karnal S/F
96 Budha College of Education Karnal S/F
97 Guru Harkrishan College of Education Karnal S/F
98 Gyan Bharti College of Education Karnal S/F
99 Jaat College of Education Karnal S/F
100 Jeevan Chandan College of Education Karnal S/F
101 Keshav College of Education Karnal S/F
102 Minerva College of Education Karnal S/F
103 Shri Krishna College of Education Karnal
104 Shri Sant Ram Memorial College of Education Karnal S/F
105 Pratap College of Education Karnal S/F
106 IPSE College of Education Karnal S/F
107 Tagore College of Education Karnal S/F
108 Guru Brahmanand College of Education Karnal S/F
109 Doon Vally Institute of Education Karnal S/F
110 Doon Valley College of Education Karnal S/F
111 Himalaya College of Education Karnal
112 R.L. College of Education Karnal S/F
113 Green Wood College of Education Karnal S/F
114 B.P.R. College of Education Panipat S/F
115 Geeta Institute of Education Panipat S/F
116 Kinder Kin College of Education Panipat S/F
117 L.C.R.T. College of Education Panipat
118 Lakshay College of Education Panipat S/F
119 LNT College of Education Panipat S/F
120 Modern College of Education Panipat S/F
121 N.C. College of Education Panipat S/F
122 R.S. Memorial College of Education Panipat S/F
123 Saraswati College of Education Panipat S/F
124 Tau Devi Lal Memorial College of Education Panipat S/F
125 Geeta College of Education Panipat S/F
126 S.J.S. International College of Education Panipat S/F
127 Nalwa College of Education Panipat S/F
128 Lord Shiva College of Education Panipat S/F
129 Ch. Kapoori Ram College of Education Panipat S/F
130 M.D. College of Education Panipat S/F
131 G.D.R. College of Education Panipat S/F
132 Babu Anant Ram Janta College of Education Kaithal S/F
133 Jat College of Education Kaithal S/F
134 Kithana College of Education Kaithal S/F
135 M.D.N. College of Education Kaithal S/F
136 Maharaja Aggarsain College of Education Kaithal S/F
137 Rama College of Education Kaithal S/F
138 S.S.M. College of Education Kaithal S/F
139 Saraswati College of Education Kaithal S/F
140 Savitri Devi Memorial College of Education Kaithal S/F
141 Shri Sai Baba College of Education Kaithal S/F
142 Sri Ram College of Education Kaithal S/F
143 United College of Education Kaithal S/F
144 I.S. Kanya Mahavidhyalya for Edu. Kaithal S/F
145 R.K.S.D. College of Education Kaithal S/F
146 B.P.R. College of Education Kaithal
147 B.R. College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
148 Dharamjeevi Institute of Professional Education Kurukshetra S/F
149 Guru Gobind Nath College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
150 Kurukshetra College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
151 Ladwa College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
152 Lal Chand Mal College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
153 Pooja College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
154 Rajadevi Goyal M/P College of Education Kurukshetra
155 Sardar Chanan Singh Ghumman Memorial College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
156 Shri Jai Ram Mahila College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
157 Sri Satya Sai College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
158 United College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
159 SKS College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
160 Bharat College of Education for Women Kurukshetra S/F
161 Seth Tek Chand College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
162 Geeta Adarsh College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
163 Amir Chand College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
164 Seth Banarsi Dass College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
165 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College of Education Kurukshetra S/F
166 Mattu Ram College of Education Kurukshetra
167 Mahavir College of Education for Women Kurukshetra S/F
168 Aakash College of Education Fatehabad S/F
169 APEX College of Education Fatehabad S/F
170 Ch. Het Ram Johari Lal Memorial College of Education Fatehabad
171 Crescent College of Education Fatehabad S/F
172 Daffodils College of Education Fatehabad S/F
173 MUH Jain College of Education Fatehabad S/F
174 Shaheed Baba Deep Singh College of Education Fatehabad S/F
175 Surya College of Education Fatehabad S/F
176 Defence College of Education Fatehabad
177 Guru Draunacharya College of Education Fatehabad S/F
178 Tirupati College of Education Fatehabad S/F
179 Gramin College of Education Fatehabad S/F
180 Manohar Memorial Education Society Fatehabad S/F
181 B.S.K. College of Education Sirsa Govt. Aided
182 Ch. R.R. Memorial College of Education Sirsa S/F
183 Hakeem Harbans Singh New Era College of Education Sirsa S/F
184 Haryana College of Education Sirsa S/F
185 J.G. College of Education Sirsa S/F
186 Mata Harki Devi College of Education(w) Sirsa
187 National College of Education Sirsa S/F
188 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of Education Sirsa S/F
189 Sir Chhotu Ram Jat College of Education Sirsa S/F
190 APEX College of Education Sirsa S/F
191 C.R.D.A.V. Girls College of Education Sirsa S/F
192 Nehru College of Education Sirsa S/F
193 Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal College of Education Sirsa S/F
194 Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Memorial College of Education Sirsa S/F
195 Triveni College of Education Sirsa S/F
196 Rashoba College of Education Sirsa S/F
197 Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji College of Education Sirsa S/F
198 K.M. College of Education Bhiwani Govt. Aided
199 M.L.R.S. College of Education Bhiwani S/F
200 K.C.M. Army College of Education Bhiwani S/F
201 Major Nafe Singh Kungariya College of Education Bhiwani S/F
202 National College of Education Bhiwani S/F
203 Pt. Sita Ram Shastri B.Ed. Training College Bhiwani S/F
204 S.D. College of Education Bhiwani S/F
205 Sant Roshan Lal College of Education(Women) Bhiwani S/F
206 Saraswati College of Education Bhiwani S/F
207 Shri Krishna College of Education Bhiwani S/F
208 Smt. Santra Devi College of Education Bhiwani S/F
209 Tagore College of Education Bhiwani S/F
210 Venketeshwar College of Education Bhiwani S/F
211 Y.P.S. Memorial College of Education Bhiwani S/F
212 MLRS College of Education Bhiwani S/F
213 J.K. Memorial College of Education Bhiwani S/F
214 Maharana Pratap College of Education for women Bhiwani S/F
215 Hitkari College of Education Bhiwani S/F
216 H.N. College of Education Bhiwani S/F
217 Arya College of Education Bhiwani S/F
218 Adarsh College of Education Bhiwani S/F
219 Haryana College of Education Bhiwani S/F
220 Green Meadows College of Education Bhiwani S/F
221 Aryavart College of Education Bhiwani S/F
222 Baba Sidthnath College of Education Bhiwani S/F
223 Baba Munjita Vidya Peeth Education Bhiwani S/F
224 Hindu College of Education Bhiwani S/F
225 B.K. College of Education Bhiwani S/F
226 Brigth College of Education Bhiwani S/F
227 Vaish College of Education Bhiwani S/F
228 Marc College of Education Bhiwani S/F
229 Adarsh Rehabilitation Center for Mentally and Physically
Handicapted Children Bhiwani S/F
230 Arya College of Education Bhiwani S/F
231 Maharana Pratap College of Education Bhiwani S/F
232 Neta Ji Subhash Chander Boss College of Education Bhiwani
233 Aditya College of Education Bhiwani
234 J.K. Memorial College of Education Bhiwani S/F
235 Mahila College of Education Bhiwani S/F
236 Vigya College of Education Bhiwani S/F
237 Chanderawati College of Education Mewat
238 Rao Adal Singh College of Education Mewat
239 Saraswati Vidya Mandir College of Education Mewat
240 Sehrawat Degree College of Education Mewat
241 R.L.S. College of Education Gurgaon Govt. Aided
242 B.L. College of Education Gurgaon S/F
243 B.M. College of Education Gurgaon S/F
244 Basant Lala Memorial College of Education Gurgaon S/F
245 D.V.M. College of Education Gurgaon S/F
246 Drona College of Education Gurgaon S/F
247 Jhankar College of Education Gurgaon S/F
248 Jindal College of Education for Girls Gurgaon S/F
249 Lala Bahadur Shastri College of Education Gurgaon S/F
250 Laxmi College of Education Gurgaon S/F
251 Maa Saraswati Teachers Training Institute Gurgaon S/F
252 Major Bihari Lal Memorial College of Education Gurgaon S/F
253 Oxford College of Education Gurgaon S/F
254 Pataudi College of Education Gurgaon S/F
255 R.K. College of Education Gurgaon S/F
256 Rao Dilip Singh College of Education Gurgaon S/F
257 Rao Mohar Singh College of Education Gurgaon S/F
258 Rao Neki Ram Memorial College of Education Gurgaon S/F
259 Rao Ram Singh College of Education Gurgaon S/F
260 Rao Udmi Ram Memorial College of Education Gurgaon S/F
261 Rastriya Vidya Education College Gurgaon S/F
262 Royal Institute of Science and Management Gurgaon S/F
263 S.D. College of Education Gurgaon S/F
264 Shri Ram College of Education Gurgaon
265 Shri Shiv Chaitanya College of Education Gurgaon S/F
266 Vidya Bhavan College of Education Gurgaon S/F
267 Vishwas College of Education Gurgaon S/F
268 Vivekanand College of Education Gurgaon S/F
269 Deen Dayal Rustagi College of Education Gurgaon S/F
270 Dayawanti Memorial College of Education Gurgaon S/F
271 Sardar Patel College of Education Gurgaon S/F
272 Laxmi College of Education Gurgaon S/F
273 Dashmesh College of Education Gurgaon
274 Tsunami College of Education Gurgaon
275 KIIT College of Education Gurgaon S/F
276 Lord Krishana College of Education Gurgaon S/F
277 Stares Institute of Education Gurgaon S/F
278 Shri Shanti Sagar Jain Kanya B.Ed. Mahavidhyalya Gurgaon S/F
279 Pratap Singh College of Education Gurgaon
280 Rao Mohar Singh College of Education Gurgaon
281 Ch. Partap Singh Memorial College of Education Gurgaon S/F
282 Shiva College of Education Faridabad S/F
283 M.R. College of Education Faridabad S/F
284 B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management B.Ed College Faridabad S/F
285 Rise Max College of Education Faridabad S/F
286 Lingaya's College of Education Faridabad
287 Maharani Kishori Memorial College of Education Faridabad S/F
288 Al-Falah College of Education Faridabad
289 Arawali College of Education Faridabad
290 Aggarwal College of Education Faridabad
291 Balaji College of Education Faridabad S/F
292 Bhartiyam College of Education Faridabad S/F
293 Dehat Vikas Institute of Education and Technology Faridabad S/F
294 Gold Field College of Education Faridabad S/F
295 Institute of Teacher Education Faridabad S/F
296 Jagriti Institute of Higher Education Faridabad S/F
297 K.R. College of Education Faridabad S/F
298 M.V.N. College of Education Faridabad S/F
299 Maa Omwati College of Education Faridabad S/F
300 Meenakshi College of Education Faridabad S/F
301 Modern International College of Education Faridabad S/F
302 Ramanujan College of Education Faridabad S/F
303 Rattan Singh Girls College of Education Faridabad S/F
304 Sai Mohan College of Education Faridabad
305 Satyug Darshan Institute of Education and Research(For Women) Faridabad S/F
306 Shyam College of Education Faridabad
307 Smt. Bhagwani Memorial Institute of Higher Education Faridabad S/F
308 St. Luke College of Education Faridabad S/F
309 P.D.M. College of Education Faridabad S/F
310 Pt. L.R. College of Education Faridabad S/F
311 Vision Institute of Applied Studies Faridabad S/F
312 Rewal College of Education Faridabad S/F
313 Aggarwal College of Education Faridabad S/F
314 Shiva College of Education Faridabad
315 B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management B.Ed College Faridabad
316 Rise Max College of Education Faridabad
317 Lingaya's College of Education Faridabad
318 Maharani Kishori Memorial College of Education Faridabad
319 Al-Falah College of Education Faridabad
320 M.R. College of Education Faridabad
321 Arawali College of Education Faridabad
322 Sai Mohan College of Education Faridabad S/F
323 Arawali College of Education Faridabad
324 Aggarwal College of Education Faridabad S/F
325 Advanced Institute of Education Palwal S/F
326 Jeevan Jyoti College of Education Palwal S/F
327 SLD Girls College of Education Palwal S/F
328 R.B.S. College of Education Rewari Govt. Aided
329 S.P. College of Education Rewari Govt. Aided
330 A.M. College of Education Rewari S/F
331 Baba Mohan Dass College of Education Rewari S/F
332 Bright Land College of Education Rewari S/F
333 Happy College of Education Rewari S/F
334 J.R. Memorial College of Education Rewari S/F
335 K.L. College of Education Rewari S/F
336 Krishan Adarsh College of Education Rewari S/F
337 Krishana College of Education Rewari S/F
338 Mata Vaishnu Devi College of Education Rewari S/F
339 Modern Indian College of Education Rewari S/F
340 Rao Khem Chand College of Education Rewari S/F
341 Rao Ranjeet Singh College of Education Rewari S/F
342 Saheed Capt. D.K. Khola College of Education Rewari S/F
343 Sarv Hind College of Education Rewari S/F
344 Swarnjali College of Education Rewari S/F
345 Vivekanand College of Education Rewari S/F
346 Modern College of Education Rewari S/F
347 Sandesh College of Education Rewari S/F
348 M.D.S. College of Education Rewari S/F
349 Rao Abhay Singh College of Co-Education Rewari S/F
350 Progressive Learning College of Education Rewari S/F
351 C.R. College of Education Rohtak Govt. Aided
352 Vaish College of Education Rohtak Govt. Aided
353 G.B. College of Education Rohtak Govt. Aided
354 Aaryan College of Education Rohtak S/F
355 Arya College of Education Rohtak S/F
356 Bhagwan Mahavir Jain College of Education Rohtak
357 Capt. Hardev Singh College of Education Rohtak S/F
358 Green Valley College of Education Rohtak S/F
359 I.B. Women College of Education & Management Rohtak
360 I.P.J. College of Education Rohtak
361 I.P.S. College of Education Research & Technology Rohtak
362 I.P.S. School of Management & Education Rohtak
363 Inder Prastha Education College Rohtak S/F
364 Indus College of Education Rohtak S/F
365 J.R. Kissan College of Education Rohtak S/F
366 MR DAV College of Education Rohtak S/F
367 Narayana College of Education Rohtak S/F
368 R.D. College of Education Rohtak S/F
369 R.K. College of Education Rohtak S/F
370 Raj College of Education Rohtak S/F
371 Ram Krishna College of Education Rohtak S/F
372 Rashtriya College of Education Rohtak S/F
373 S.R. College of Education Rohtak S/F
374 S.S. College of Education Rohtak S/F
375 Saini Institute of Girls Education Rohtak S/F
376 Sanskriti College of Education Rohtak S/F
377 Saraswati College of Education Rohtak S/F
378 Sharvan Institute of Special Education Rohtak S/F
379 Sheela College of Education Rohtak S/F
380 Shri Baba Mast Nath Institute of Educational Training & Research Rohtak S/F
381 St. Paul College of Education Rohtak S/F
382 State Institute of Rehabiotation Rohtak S/F
383 Sunil Gagnani Memorial College of Education Rohtak S/F
384 Swami Daya Muni Vidyapeeth College of Education Rohtak S/F
385 V.B. College of Education Rohtak S/F
386 B.P.S. College of Education Rohtak S/F
387 Vikramaditya Group of Educational Institutes Rohtak S/F
388 Yash College of Education Rohtak S/F
389 ARPAN Institute of Mentally Handicapped Children Rohtak S/F
390 Saraswati Vidhya Mandir College of Education Rohtak S/F
391 Vikramaditya College of Education Rohtak S/F
392 I.P. College of Education Rohtak
393 Shri Bala Ji College of Education Rohtak S/F
394 Sat Jinda Kalyana College of Education Rohtak S/F
395 Lord Shiva College of Education Rohtak S/F
396 Kissan College of Education Rohtak S/F
397 K.V.M. College of Education Rohtak S/F
398 D.A.V. College of Education Rohtak S/F
399 Sat Priya College of Education Rohtak S/F
400 A.S. Kharb Memorial College of Education Jhajjar S/F
401 Adarsh College of Education Jhajjar S/F
402 Bhimeshwari Devi College of Education Jhajjar S/F
403 Cambridge College of Education Jhajjar S/F
404 D.H. Lawrence College of Education Jhajjar
405 D.S. Arya College of Education Jhajjar S/F
406 G.S. College of Education Jhajjar
407 Ganga College of Education Jhajjar S/F
408 Ganga Institute of Education Jhajjar S/F
409 Haryana Institute of Education Jhajjar S/F
410 Lt. Mahipat Institute of Education Jhajjar S/F
411 M.D. College of Education Jhajjar S/F
412 M.R. College of Education Jhajjar S/F
413 M.R. Nauhnty College of Education Jhajjar S/F
414 M.T. College of Education Jhajjar S/F
415 Modern College of Education Jhajjar S/F
416 Netaji Subhash College of Education Jhajjar S/F
417 Paramount College of Education Jhajjar S/F
418 Pragya College of Education Jhajjar S/F
419 Ranjit Singh Memorial College of Education Jhajjar S/F
420 Rao Nihal Singh College of Education & Technology Jhajjar S/F
421 S.D. Memorial College of Education Jhajjar S/F
422 Shri Sai Baba College of Education Jhajjar S/F
423 Vaish Arya Kanya Shikshan Mahavidyalaya Jhajjar S/F
424 Maa ganga College of Education Jhajjar S/F
425 Pujya Swami Vivekanand College of Education Jhajjar S/F
426 P.D.M. College of Education Jhajjar S/F
427 Nai Disha College of Education Jhajjar S/F
428 Ravindra Bharti College of Education Jhajjar S/F
429 H.D. College of Education Jhajjar S/F
430 Sarvodya College of Education Jhajjar S/F
431 G.S. College of Education Jhajjar S/F
432 T.R. College of Education Sonipat Govt. Aided
433 Hindu College of Education Sonipat Govt. Aided
434 Aryawart College of Education Sonipat S/F
435 Bharat Vidya Peeth College of Education Sonipat S/F
436 Ch. Katar Singh College of Education Sonipat S/F
437 D.B.M. College of Education Sonipat S/F
438 D.C. Jain College of Education Sonipat S/F
439 D.C.S. College of Education Sonipat S/F
440 Geeta College of Education Sonipat S/F
441 Harsh College of Education Sonipat S/F
442 Jawahar Lal Nehru College of Education Sonipat S/F
443 Kirorimal College of Education Sonipat S/F
444 Kirti College of Education Sonipat S/F
445 M.R.M. College of Education Sonipat S/F
446 Mange Ram Women College of Education Sonipat S/F
447 Modern College of Education Sonipat S/F
448 N.S. College of Education Sonipat S/F
449 Navyug College of Education Sonipat S/F
450 Panchsheel Institute of Education Research & Education Sonipat S/F
451 Paradise College of Education Sonipat S/F
452 Ram Jas College of Education Sonipat S/F
453 Shambhu Dayal College of Education Sonipat S/F
454 Shiksha Bharti College of Education Sonipat S/F
455 Shree Ram Memorial College of Education Sonipat S/F
456 Shri Ganesh College of Education Sonipat S/F
457 South Point College of Education Sonipat S/F
458 Sun Rise College of Education Sonipat S/F
459 Venkteshwara College of Education Sonipat S/F
460 K.C. College of Education Sonipat S/F
461 Janta College of Education Sonipat S/F
462 Bhagwan Parshu Ram College of Education Sonipat S/F
463 Darsh College of Education Sonipat S/F
464 Om College of Education Sonipat S/F
465 S.S. College of Education Sonipat S/F
466 G.V.M. College of Education (for Girls) Sonipat S/F
467 Mukhi College of Education Sonipat S/F
468 Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education Sonipat S/F
469 Shiv Karan College of Education Sonipat S/F
470 Krishna College of Education Sonipat S/F
471 Aravali College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
472 Aravali College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
473 Arya College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
474 B.P.S. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
475 B.R. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
476 B.S. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
477 Baba Jai Ram Dass College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
478 Baba Kheta Nath College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
479 Bhartiya College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
480 C.L. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
481 Ganpat College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
482 Ganpati Institute of Education & Technology Mahendergarh S/F
483 Gaurav College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
484 Guru College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
485 Guru Dronacharya College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
486 H.J. Institute of Education Mahendergarh S/F
487 Happy College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
488 K.D. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
489 K.D. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
490 M.R. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
491 Modern College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
492 Pitamah Umda Singh College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
493 R.P.S. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
494 Rajesh Pilot Memorial College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
495 Rao Jai Ram College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
496 Rao Jai Lal Singh College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
497 Rao Mool Chand College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
498 Rao Pahlad Singh College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
499 Rao Sultan Singh College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
500 Sadasukh College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
501 Sanskriti Institute of Education & Technology Mahendergarh S/F
502 Sant Jai Ram Dass College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
503 Saraswati College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
504 Saraswati College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
505 Shiksha Bharti College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
506 Shri Ganpati Institute of Education & Technology Mahendergarh S/F
507 Shri Krishan College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
508 Sri Ram College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
509 Suraj College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
510 Swami Vivekanand College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
511 Tagore College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
512 Yaduvanshi College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
513 Modern College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
514 Pt. Ram Niwas Memorial College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
515 Sharbati College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
516 Shanty College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
517 Vaidic Teacher Training College Mahendergarh S/F
518 N.R.B. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
519 Yaduvanshi College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
520 Baba Jai Ram Dass College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
521 Shri Ganesh College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
522 Maharana Pratap College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
523 Shri Krishna College of Education Mahendergarh S/F
524 Govt. College of Education Mahendergarh S/F

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